Horse Boarding & Care Plans

Tiger Owl Ranch offers exceptional horse care in a warm and casual environment.

Care options include daily turn out.
Please call or email for further information or to schedule a visit.

Space is limited to just 15 horses; reserve a stall now!

Full Care ~ Main Barn

Includes daily turn-out with horse friends, feeding 3x/day (hay included, you provide grain and supplements), daily mucking, blanketing/fly gear on and off daily, and a night check.

Stalls with large runs: $675/month
(4 total spots available)

Stalls with small runs: $625/month
(6 total spots available)

Partial Care ~ Shed Row Barns

Includes daily mucking, feeding 3x/day (hay included, you provide grain and supplements), turn-out 3x/week with horse friends, and a night check.

Each outdoor pen is roughly 1000 square feet with attached stall.

Additional services can be added as needed; including extra turnout.

Shed Row Stalls: $525/month
(5 total spots available)

Devon Moore, Owner

As a third generation equestrian professional who managed family facilities for many years, Devon Moore provides a level of service and care that is stellar. I met her as the manager of another barn and was struck by the level of excellence and genuine caring she provided the entire herd including my own horse. I am delighted my horse and I will be joining the Tiger Owl Ranch family this year, enjoying the gorgeous amenities and more of Devon's incredible TLC. Tiger Owl Ranch and Devon Moore are a true gift to the Santa Fe County equestrian community.

Lynn C.

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